by sømerset

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released April 25, 2013



all rights reserved


sømerset Münster, Germany

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Track Name: ...mourning
raise your hand to my head
i dare my luck to make me happy
my bleeding eyes seem to be dead
everyone around seem to be crappy
a luck that I wish to have
look my anger is rising again
this happy ending
i don’t need this epic fuck
my self-esteem that I’m defending
when my body turns into stone
when my blood is seeping away
when my eyes are moving with my mourning
when my body begins to wave
and my heart stops beating
Track Name: f.ck
fuck that shit
i’m sick of it
there’s only hate to spit
what is this society to judge about me
to play my fucking game
just to play my fucking role
fuck that shit
Track Name: confidence
who am I to say that I know so much pain
when I don’t know what real pain could be
as the sun is rising
to a red and cloudless sky shining so damn bright
i have known better days
in which have been nothing wrong
those days in which I’ve been growing old
where all died and every story was told
do we ever mind, that we got to look for each other
for a piece of shit that we call life
Track Name: world
i have a feeling that makes me think
i'm alone
i’m down on the road
looking for my own suffocation
and my mind feels insane
and some kind of condition surrounds me
you’re all gone away
and I’m standing here alone
please let me grow up
because I don’t know the world
and my sky seems red as my burned skin
but I’ve been here like the area that I’ve owned
that I don’t belong to
please let me sit at the bottom of the world
to see the happiness of it
where I don’t belong to
i hope, this is where I belong to
Track Name: breath
my heart is too dark to beat
i tear apart from head to feet
falling down to my bleeding knees
there is nothing that could please
we have a ticking beat in our hand
that pulls out every breath we have
so don’t hesitate to keep me down
destroy and destroy and destroy
Track Name: fury
we have a ticking beat
a new lever of uncontrollable fury
that will assume our head